• Platform

The IoT platform for cross-sector energy management

ennexOS is the IoT platform for energy management in which all data from the relevant energy sectors converge. It is a tool that supports the entire value chain for modern, future-oriented products and services in the energy industry.

All key input data for operational processes and economic efficiency analyses, such as investment and operating expenditure, tariff information and subsidies, is recorded here.

The platform comprises a scalable, simple-to-expand and secure IoT device, cloud and portal framework and provides functions that include the following:

  • Device, system and portfolio management
  • Integration of external energy meters, smart meters, sensors and actuators
  • Intelligent (measurement) data management, such as recording, aggregation and storage of measured values
  • Generation and logging of events
  • Comprehensive user, role and license management
  • Management of updates and upgrades for platform components
  • On-site and remote visualization
  • Analytics, predictive maintenance, alarming and reporting
  • Connectivity in the system bus, smart home and smart building systems
    • EEBus, Modbus RTU/TCP, SMA Data, SMA Data 2+
    • M-Bus, KNX, BACnet, SEP2.0 (in planning)
    • IEC61850, IEC60870 (in planning)
  • Bidirectional, secure live data communication from the cloud
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Data import and export (FTP push, CSV export)
  • Blockchain integration
  • Data access via REST API
  • Backup and restore